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Z Square Shopping Mall Pvt. Ltd.
MG Marg, The Mall Kanpur,
Uttar Pradesh 208001 INDIA





Customer Centric

All our approaches, efforts, thought process, plans, promotions are towards the customers, for the customers and would not be wrong to say by the customers. Their feedback and our constant endeavor to meet their expectation has brought us where we are.

Integrity and Trust

We do conduct our business fairly, with honesty and transparency. Everything we do stand to the test of public scrutiny. Trust forms the basis of all our relationships – visitors, customers, retailers, vendors or just any one.

Innovation and Safety

Innovation — in thoughts, processes, approaches and strategies — has become a critical factor for Z Square Mall as they chart course for a future in a retail industry without boundaries. The objective is to consistently and safely deliver services and we see Innovation as the means to achieve this.

Courage, Perseverance and Patience

We always knew that building and thereafter running such a gigantic mall does call for a lot of courage, perseverance and patience. At last we never lost hope as luck favors the brave and the harder we worked the more luck we seemed to have.

Agility and Discovery

We are always agile to our customers’ needs and requirement. This not only helped us to give quicker results but at the cost of this, we never sacrificed the customer satisfaction. We are always ready to explore and discover new ways to meet our customer’s needs and help them achieve their goals.

Teamwork and Respect

The French language has a wonderful phrase for teamwork: esprit de corps. The spirit of a group that makes the members want to succeed. At Z Square there is a sense of unity, of enthusiasm shared in common interests and responsibilities, respect for each other, which makes us reach our desired customer satisfaction.

Excellence and Commitment

Business excellence has been embedded in Team Z Square through processes and methodologies that enable our organization to continually improve operations and achieve the world-class marquee. Simpy said – “We are Committed to Excellence”.

Humility and Compassion

Hospitality industry is all about being humble and polite. We strive to inculcate such dedicated art amongst Team Z Square to render best of the services. Compassion towards all those in need has helped us understand and full fill our customers’ needs better. 


Positive and Passionate

Positive attitude and Passion for achievement in every member of the Team Z Square helps us achieve our daily goals day after day. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. No task is too small; no favor too big. 

Environmentally Conscious and Aware

The innovations deployed at Z Square Mall were the first of its kind, with the aim to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, improve waste management and cleanliness of the mall, and increase efficiency of the mall's processes through automation.